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About Us

Online Marketing Services Our Vision

It is our vision to make building business online easier for all business owners (small to large).  Ask any business owner what they want more of, it’s likely TIME.  Time is the one thing we can NOT get back.

It is our mission to help you get your time back by offering services that build your business for you.

Our Story

After struggling for years to build and market a home based business online, we got a Masters Degree in marketing, the hard way.

We also discovered that building a business takes time and lots of effort and it’s a team effort.

After moving to Kauai in 2015, we discovered many business owners working very very hard to grow and having little time for much else. As a result, Online marketing (especially Social Media Marketing) was put off and often forgotten. Problem is, BILLIONS are spending time online. If your business isn’t online, you are leaving money on the table.

Today, we help business owners manage their most precious asset, their time.  We help get more customers by helping you manage the mundane, daily, but critical aspects of marketing.

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Contact me today and schedule a complimentary consultation to see how I can be help you get found online and increase your bottom line.  I help you get more customers.

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