Facebook Marketing: Facebook Advertising: 30 Highly Effective Strategies for Business, Advertising, Generating Sales and Passive Income.

Have you ever seen advertisements on Facebook and asked yourself, “How can I do that for my business?” Well if you’ve ever been on Facebook, then you’ve definitely seen ads … because that’s how Facebook makes its money. And here’s the good news: Advertising on Facebook is incredibly easy to do and it’s even more incredibly effective! Facebook has built an audience of more than 1.4 BILLION registered users worldwide. That’s more than the population of China. Advertisers continue to pump money into Facebook advertising because of one simple fact: it works. In this Book you’ll earn everything you need to know to be a successful Facebook advertiser, from setting up your account, defining your campaign goals, creating compelling images and copy, and targeting the right audience. What you may not Know about Facebook Advertising! 1. 75% of today’s businesses promote their products through Facebook advertising. 2. Of Facebook’s 1.49 billion users, 1.19 billion access Facebook from their mobile phone. They carry advertising potential with them in their pockets! 3. The average user spends 40 minutes on Facebook each day. 4. Facebook Advertising Revenue grew from $1.97B in 2010 to $12.47B in 2014. Advertisers understand the power of Facebook. 5. Facebook accounts for more than 9% of all digital advertising, and 18% of global mobile advertising. 6. 92% of social marketers are using Facebook for advertising. 7. More than 30 million businesses now have a Facebook fan page. Curious to Learn More? Download your copy of ” Facebook Advertising: 30 Highly Effective Strategies for business, advertising, generating sales and passive income” to learn the secrets of increasing your business with Facebook Ads. You don’t have to spend millions on a print or broadcast advertising when you can reach more people for a fraction of the cost … and we’ll show you how!

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