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What if you knew how to get Major Media Outlets to pick you all from your Linkedin Profile?

Positioning yourself as an authority is the single most important thing you can do to increase your perceived value to your market place. - Frank Kern

Here's what I share with you through this special I'm offering

* The major media like ABC and NBC are searching on LinkedIn for sources to quote in their articles and interviews and we give you the secret to being found by reporters on LinkedIn and getting MASSIVE EXPOSURE for you AND your clients.

*Case Studies on using a famous "3 word sentence" that you must put on your LinkedIn profile that opens and closes deals for you automatically, done right clients will buy from your profile without you even needing to talk to them

* Plus the secret SOFTWARE that AUTOMATES lead generation on LinkedIn.  Imagine, getting 200 targeted views of your LinkedIn profile every week without you needing to do a thing.

* Even if you decide you don’t have time for marketing on LinkedIn, we will show you how your LinkedIn profile shows up when people Google you and the one mistake you are making now that is costing you clients…and how to easily fix this in 3 minutes.

* And much much more!

and best of all..  you will actually be cited on Major Media and have documentation showing your citations.

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